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Tasende Gallery Exhibitions - Past
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James Alcorn Architect: From the Architect's Hand Drawings from select California projects. May-June 2016.
Philipp Scholz Ritterman: Emperor's River Panoramic Photographs Photographs by Philipp Scholz Ritterman. March 4- April 30, 2016.
Wayne Thiebaud: Paintings & Drawings
Paintings and drawings by Wayne Thiebaud. October 9- December 12, 2015.
Selections from Our Collection
Works by Botero, Chadwick, Chillida, De Saint Phalle, Manzù & Romero. February - May 2015.
Master of Materials: Steel, Fired Clay, Collage
Works by Eduardo Chillida. October - December, 2014.
Summer Solstice - Rituals
Works by Riera I Aragó. June - August, 2014.
Wayne Thiebaud: Cityscapes + Landscapes
Paintings and Works on Paper by Wayne Thiebaud. March -May 2014.

Exuberant Expressionists
Roberto Matta, Nicki de Saint Phalle, Andres Nagel and Armando Romero. October - December 2013, La Jolla.



Petite Format, Works on Paper
Botero, Chadwick, Manzù, Matta and Moore . June - August 2013, La Jolla.
Manzù: The 1930's
Early work in Bronze. March - May 2013, La Jolla.
White Marble - New Works by Fernando Botero and Armando Romero September - October 2012, La Jolla.

Graphic Work: Selections from the Tasende Gallery Collection
Including Matta, Manzù, Nakian, Cuevas, Nagel and Thiebaud. July - August 2012, La Jolla.

New Work by Fernando Botero
May - July 2012, La Jolla.
Fletcher Benton - Recent Sculpture
October - December 2011, La Jolla.
Intolerance Revisited
Large Format works from Jose Luis Cuevas' worldwide traveling exhibition. April - June 2011, La Jolla.
Giacomo Manzù: Bronze Studies for the Doors of Death
November 2010 - January 2011, La Jolla.

Di Suvero Catalogue

Mark di Suvero
Sculpture and Drawings. January - March 2011.Fully illustrated, color catalogue. Essay by Robert L. Pincus. 48 pages. $20. Purchase Info

Botero in LA

Botero in L.A.
Drawings, Paintings and Sculptures. September - October 2010. Fully illustrated, color catalogue. Essays by Peter Selz. 57 pages. $20. Purchase Info

Sculptor's Hand

XX Century Parade
Paintings and sculpture by Armando Romero. Simultaneous exhibitions in New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles, May - June 2009. Texts by Charissa N. Terranova and J.M. Tasende. $20. Purchase Info

Sculptor's Hand

The Scuptor's Hand
Drawings and Sculptures by 13 artists including Moore, Manzù, Chadwick, Chillida and Puryear. A 30th Anniversary exhibit. January - February 28, 2009, La Jolla. Catalogue with text by individual artists, $20. Purchase Info

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice
New acquisitions by Botero, Chadwick, Moore, Theibaud, Romero and Sicilia.
June 2008 La Jolla.

Romero Vandalism

Armando Romero
Vandalism and Other Irreverences. Catalogue text by Collette Chattopadhyay, May 2007, La Jolla. $20 Purchase Info


Giacomo Manzù
Heir of the Renaissance, Drawings and Sculpture. March 2007, West Hollywood and June 2007 La Jolla.

Women in the woods

Barbara Weldon
New Work
, Woman in the Woods Paintings and watercolors. September 2006, La Jolla.

In Southern California

Fletcher Benton
In Southern California, October 2005 West Hollywood and January 2006 La Jolla. Catalogue text by Collette Chattopadhyay. $20.00  Purchase Info


José Luis Cuevas
Selected Drawings and Watercolors
, April 2005 West Hollywood


Robert D. Cocke
New Paintings, South of Why
, February 2005 West Hollywood


Barbara Weldon
New Paintings, Wings Vines Gardens
, November 2004 West Hollywood.


Markus Lüpertz
Paintings and Sculpture
, November 2003 West Hollywood and May 2004 La Jolla.


Wayne Thiebaud
Works on Paper
, November 2003 West Hollywood and February 2004 La Jolla.


Giacomo Manzù
Drawings and Sculpture,
September 2003 West Hollywood and January 2004 La Jolla. Catalogue texts by J.M. Tasende and Inge Manzu. $20.00
Purchase Info

riera i arago

Riera i Aragó
Sculpture and Drawings, New Work.
Presented as part of the LA. International Biennal. July 2003 in West Hollywood and September 2003 La Jolla.


Lynn Chadwick
Sculptures and Drawings 1955 to 1991
November 2002 West Hollywood and January 2003 La Jolla. Catalogue text by Collette Chattopadhyay. $15.00 Purchase Info


Susan Kleinberg
Fear Not,
a video installation exploring the concept of courage. First presented at the 2001 Venice Biennale. September 2002 West Hollywood and December 2002 La Jolla


Andres Nagel
Still Lifes, Collages and Assemblages, January 2002 La Jolla and March 2003 West Hollywood.


Barbara Weldon
Birds, Beasts and Myths, September 2001 West Hollywood.


Andres Nagel
Sculptures and Drawings, July 2001 part of the L.A. International

de Saint Phalle

Niki de Saint Phalle
New Sculpture, June 2001 West Hollywood and September 2001 La Jolla.

American Way

The American Way
American Painters and Sculptors Fletcher Benton, Mark di Suvero, Helen Frankenthaler, Lee Krasner, Kenneth Noland, Richard Pousette-Dart, Barbara Weldon, April 2001 West Hollywood.


Fletcher Benton
Sculpture and Work on Paper presented at the ADAA/Art Show, New York February 2001, March 2001 West Hollywood and May 2001 La Jolla. Catalogue text by Henry Hopkins. $15.00  Purchase Info


David Finn
Nude Sculpture, Photographs, October 2000 West Hollywood and December 2000 La Jolla.


Rafael Cauduro
New Paintings, May 2000 La Jolla and July 2000 West Hollywood.


Auguste Rodin
Sculptures from the Museé Rodin, Paris, November 1999 West Hollywood and January 2000 La Jolla. Catalogue introduction by Jacques Vilain. $15.00 Purchase Info


Richard Pousette-Dart
Paintings, from the artist's estate, September 1999 West Hollywood and November 1999 La Jolla.


Lambert Maria Wintersberger
New Paintings, Presented as part of the L.A. International Biennal. July 1999 West Hollywood and November 1999 La Jolla.


Barbara Weldon
Illuminations, New Paintings, May 1999 La Jolla.


Phil Borges
Enduring Spirit, Photography, in conjunction with Amnesty International on the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Human Rights Declaration.


Keith Haring
Sculpture, Paintings, Drawings. This exhibit also included a temporary sculpture installations along Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood. September 1998.


Stanley Boxer
Paintings, May 1998 West Hollywood and July 1998 La Jolla.


Fletcher Benton
Blocks on Blocks, March 1998 West Hollywood and May 1998 La Jolla.


Lee Krasner
Collages and Paintings, January 1998, West Hollywood and March 1998, La Jolla.. Catalogue text by Edward Albee. $12.00 Purchase Info

6 la painters

6 LA Painters
Tonia Aminoff, Charles Arnoldi, Eric Mao, Roland Reiss, Danny Shain, Richard Shapiro, November 1997 West Hollywood and January 1998 La Jolla.


Andres Nagel
Sculpture, September 1997 West Hollywood. Catalogue text by Peter Selz. $15.00 Purchase Info


Helen Frankenthaler
Paintings and Works on Paper, June 1997, West Hollywood and September 1997, La Jolla . Catalogue text by Peter Frank. $12.00 Purchase Info


Eduardo Chillida
Sculpture and Work on Paper, March 1997. (Inaugural exhibition of West Hollywood gallery.) Catalogue text by Dave Hickey. $20.00 Purchase Info


Pat Oliphant
Candidates and Other Pretenders '96: Cartoons and Sculptures in a Presidential Year, August 1996.


George & Mira Nakashima
Spirit of the Tree, furniture from the Nakashima Studio, September 1995.


Andres Nagel
Public Sculptures, 14 maquettes for public sculpture, May 1993. This exhibition previously traveled to Collezione DOBE Monte Brè and The Chicago Athenaeum. $10.00 Purchase Info


Andres Nagel
An Irreverant Approach, mixed media sculpture and work on paper, July 1992. Catalogue text by Donald Knaub. This exhibition traveled to the Meadows Museum, Dallas; Museo de Monterrey, Museo Rufino Tamayo, Cenro Cultural Tijuana, Mexico; and the University of Iowa Museum of Art. Out of print.


Tom Wesselmann
Steel Cutouts, June 28, 1991. Catalogue. $10.00 Purchase Info


José Luis Cuevas
Twenty-five Years with José Luis Cuevas, works on paper and assemblages, January 1991. Catalogue introduction by J.M. Tasende. $12.00 Purchase Info


Andres Nagel
Mixed Media Sculpture and Work on Paper, March 1990. Catalogue text by J.M. Tasende. $12.00 Purchase Info


Eduardo Chillida
De Musica, sculpture and drawings relating to the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center sculpture installation, Dallas, January 1990. Catalogue. Out of print.


Giacomo Manzù
Sacred and Profane, Sculpture and Drawings, September 1989. Catalogue text by Steven Rosen. Out of print.

10 anniversary

10th Anniversary
Group exhibition of gallery artists including Noguchi, Marini, Chadwick, Chillida, Manzu, Matta, Moore, Nagel and di Suvero. Sculpture installations along Prospect Street, June 1989. Catalogue text by Thomas Messer. Related events, lecture by Robert Hughes                               at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego. Out of print.


Eduardo Chillida
Birth of a Monument, Chillida at Gernika, sculpture, drawings and photographs documenting the development of the monument the artist created for the City of Gernika on the 50th anniversary of its bombing. September 1988. Catalogue texts by Thomas Messer and Robert Laxalt. Out of print


José Luis Cuevas
Intolerance. Fifty large format- drawings inspired by Gustav Henningsen's book The Witches' Advocate, Basque Witchcraft and the Spanish Inquisition. June 1987. Catalogue text by Peter Selz. Exhibition previously traveled to museums in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Basque Country, Belgium, Finland, Greece and Austria. Out of print.


Eduardo Chillida
Questions and Space, Sculpture and Works on Paper, October 1986. Catalogue text by Leon Arkus. Out of print.


Auguste Rodin
Sculptures from the Museé Rodin, September 1985. Catalogue introduction by Monique Laurent. Out of print.


Works by Moore, Chillida and Cuevas, January 1985. Catalogue introduction by J.M. Tasende. Out of print.


Eduardo Chillida
Graphic Work, July 1984 Catalogue text by Reinhold Hohl. Out of print.


Henry Moore
Henry Moore in La Jolla, Sculpture and DrawingsIncluding sculpture installations at La Jolla Cove and Salk Institute, September 1982. Catalogue text by Ronald Hickman. Out of print.


José Luis Cuevas
Illustrated Letters, letters from the artist to his dealer Jose Tasende, March 1983. Now in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Catalogue. Out of print.


Roberto Matta
Paintings and Drawings, November 1980 Catalogue text by Peter Selz. Also exhibited at Metropolitan Museum, Coral Gables, Florida and Blanden Memorial Art Gallery, Fort Dodge, Iowa.. Out of print.


Tasende Editions
A portfolio of etchings by Manzu, Matta, Cuevas and Nakian published by Tasende Gallery, August 1980. Catalogue texts by the artists. Out of print.


José Luis Cuevas
Drawings and Letters, December 1979 Catalogue text by Ronald Christ. Out of print.


Giacomo Manzù
Sculpture and Drawings, June 1979. (Inaugural exhibition of La Jolla gallery) Catalogue text by Ronald Hickman. Previously exhibited at Phoenix Art Museum, San Diego Museum of Art and Blanden Memorial Art Gallery, Fort Dodge, Iowa. Out of print.