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Jose Luis CUEVAS


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"It is a commonplace world which I have depicted, not in the petty details of daily existence, but in its essence. It is not my intention either to condemn or to justify it. I seek merely to describe it in the terms of my own sensibility, without imbuing it with any message whatsoever." - Jose Luis Cuevas

Born in a paper factory in Mexico City, February 26, 1934. Cuevas studied at the School of Painting and Sculpture in La Esmeralda, Mexico City from 1944-1947 and studied engraving with Lolo Cueto at Mexico City College, 1948. In 1954 he met critic Jose Gomez Sicre, who invited him to exhibit in the Pan-American Union, Washington, D.C. He was Professor of Drawing at Latin American University, Mexico City from 1956-1957 and worked briefly at Philadelphia Museum School of Art, San Jose State College and Fullerton College. In 1965, Cuevas met longtime friend and collaborator Jose Tasende in Mexico City. The artist's work echoes his cultural heritage of Mexico especially the Day of the Dead, a celebration of death and life. However, he has always demonstrated a fervent appreciation of traditional European values. Jose Luis Cuevas died July 3, 2017 in Mexico City.