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“It seems to me that art must be the manifestation of some vital force coming from the dark, caught by the imagination and translated by the artist's ability and skill.” - Lynn Chadwick

Born in south-west London, 1914, Chadwick began working in the 1930’s as a young draughtsman for various architectural firms, including Rodney Thomas - whose practice he joined in 1937. During WWII Chadwick was a member of the Royal Navy’s Air Fleet. He returned to work for Thomas in 1944. He began working as a freelance designer and artist in 1948 and moved his family to Gloucestershire, just south of Lypiatt Park - which he bought in 1958. Using his architectural and flight training experience, he begins to exhibit his first dynamic mobile sculptures, 1950-1951. Chadwick’s designs and early mobiles earned the attention of British architects, who commissioned him to create works for The Festival of Britain, 1950. This popularity gained him an invitation to exhibit with the American Abstract Artists Group in New York, 1951. In 1956, he is invited to represent England in the XXVIII Venice Biennale, winning the International Prize for Sculpture. In the 1960’s he focused on pairs or groups of figures which he then began to clothe, (1960’s) place in the wind, (1970’s) and place ascending or descending stairs, (1990’s). In 2003 Chadwick passed away. He is buried on his estate, Lypiatt Park, near a spot where he liked to sit and think.